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Adorable Adoptables

FLUFFY (Adopt)

For those of you who want the perfect dog, Fluffy is your girl! She is perfectly house-trained, she doesn't jump, cry, or scratch at the door. She won't chew up your slippers, she's not a barker or a digger, and she has impeccable manners. She likes to sleep with you (but is also content in her crate), and she will ride quietly in the car for hours. She doesn't eat much (she's already stuffed!), she loves to cuddle, and she gets along great with everyone!

But for those of you who want a REAL dog, one that will be your loyal companion and lifelong protector, one that will love you unconditionally until its last breath, we have some wonderful dogs who would love to meet you!

The simple truth is -- no dog is instantly perfect. If you want a dog that will never bark, jump, dig, chew, has perfect manners, and is 100% house-trained on day one, then please adopt Fluffy (or one like her).

A rescued dog can bring a lifetime of love and devotion, but in the beginning some may require a little extra effort on your part. Some of these dogs have been abandoned, abused, starved, hit by cars, or simply neglected by the humans they once trusted. Their worlds have been turned upside down beyond their ability to understand, and most will require some time to adjust. Some may need a refresher course in house-training. And, after being abandoned, some may have separation issues and will need help to feel secure.

It may take two weeks or it may take six months, but these issues can all be overcome with a little love and patience (and we're always here to help in any way we can). You will then have your perfect dog, and a true Best Friend Forever.

If you wish to sponsor Fluffy (who is stuffed), your donation will help the real dogs in our care, and is tax deductible. (Donate) Thank you for your support!


                       TYLER (Adopt) Adoption Pending

Tyler is a cute, sweet and very friendly 7-yr-old maltese/bichon mix. He is white with light apricot on his back, and weighs 11 lbs. Tyler frequently stands on his hind legs in an effort to get closer to you, and he always has a smile on his face!

Tyler loves the attention of all humans, young and old. He thinks everyone wants to be his friend. If we are on a walk and he sees people across the street, he stops to see if they are going to come over to meet him. Likewise, if he hears a garage door opening, he wants to wait to see what potential new friend is coming out to see him. He is good with children, but does jump up on people. He might startle a small child, but he is quite gentle and then gives them kisses.

He gets along well with other dogs, and loves to play. He's so congenial he has been used as the assessment dog when introducing new dogs to doggie day care or the kennel. Tyler would probably tolerate a cat, but currently he joins in the barking in response to another dog who does not like cats.

He loves to go on walks and is very good on a leash. He is also a great passenger in the car. He lies down on the back seat and gets comfortable. Sometimes he will get up to look out the window, but never barks at animals or people as we drive by. He loves an adventure and will take off when the opportunity presents itself (e.g., when the front door is opened), so you'll need to be careful because if he gets out, he will take off. But Tyler's favorite thing is being with his human, and he is most happy when getting all the attention. He'll jump into your lap as soon as you sit down and, after a few kisses, he will curl up and go to sleep. If any of the other dogs are getting attention, Tyler comes running to get his share.

Tyler is trained to use a doggie door. He sleeps in his crate at night, but does not go in willingly -- he would much rather sleep with you on the big bed! Tyler is afraid of fireworks and the vacuum cleaner. He doesn't have a favorite toy, but likes soft stuffed toys and other softer chew toys.

Tyler is good with his doggie roommates, but would also be happy as the only dog since he loves getting all the attention, but he needs to live with an individual or family where someone is home most of the time. Like all bichons, Tyler would not be happy being left home alone for long periods of time. He loves playing with other dogs so he should be given the opportunity to do that (i.e., doggie day care on occasion, playing with neighbor dogs, or visiting the dog park).



SHELLY (Adopt) Fostered in Roseville

Shelly is a little 10-lb girl who appears to be havanese or shihtzu and maybe terrier mix? She's young, about 10-12 months old. She has a beautiful white and black non-shedding long coat which will require regular grooming. Shelly is sweet and likes adults and teenagers, but young, quick-moving kids make her nervous; she barks at kids. Maybe she's being protective of her puppies. Shelly is such a good mommy to her pups, although this is her first litter (and her last!).

Shelly has learned to use a dog door in her foster home and she's doing very well with it, but she must have a pea-size bladder because if she doesn't have access to the dog door, she will potty inside (this could be easily managed by putting down a pee pad). 

  Shelly gets along fine with the other dogs in her foster home, but her preference is to be with her human. Shelly is a very cuddly little girl who loves being petted and lying on your lap.

Shelly's Puppies

SHELLY'S PUPPIES (Adopt) Fostered in Roseville
born April 21

We think the daddy is a miniature schnauzer or terrier, but since Shelly was pregnant when we rescued her, we can't be sure.



Would you be interested in fostering? Fostering is temporary -- most of our dogs get adopted within a few weeks -- and it is also life saving. We cannot bring a dog into rescue unless we have a foster home available. 
In a nutshell... the dog would live with you and be treated as a family member, just like you would treat your own dog. You will provide food and whatever he needs on a day-to-day basis (bedding, playtime, walks, etc.). We will pay for vet care (exam, spay, vaccinations, microchip, de-wormer, flea treatment, etc.) and he would likely have all of that when you get him. If, by chance, the dog gets sick or injured, you take him to the vet for treatment and we will pay the vet. We will provide a collar, leash, and K9BFF ID tag. If you encounter any problems with your foster dog (for example, if he doesn't get along with your resident dog or cat), we will place the dog into another foster home.
You will have input as to who adopts him because you will know him better than anyone. The best part of fostering is that if you happen to fall in love with the dog you are fostering, you have first choice to adopt!

If you think you might like to give fostering a try, please complete the Volunteer form and we will be in touch! Thank you!