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FLUFFY (Adopt)

For those of you who want the perfect dog, Fluffy is your girl! She is perfectly house-trained, she doesn't jump, cry, or scratch at the door. She won't chew up your slippers, she's not a barker or a digger, and she has impeccable manners. She likes to sleep with you (but is also content in her crate), and she will ride quietly in the car for hours. She doesn't eat much (she's already stuffed!), she loves to cuddle, and she gets along great with everyone!

But for those of you who want a REAL dog, one that will be your loyal companion and lifelong protector, one that will love you unconditionally until its last breath, we have some wonderful dogs who would love to meet you!

The simple truth is -- no dog is instantly perfect. If you want a dog that will never bark, jump, dig, chew, has perfect manners, and is 100% house-trained on day one, then please adopt Fluffy (or one like her).

A rescued dog can bring a lifetime of love and devotion, but in the beginning some may require a little extra effort on your part. Some of these dogs have been abandoned, abused, starved, hit by cars, or simply neglected by the humans they once trusted. Their worlds have been turned upside down beyond their ability to understand, and most will require some time to adjust. Some may need a refresher course in house-training. And, after being abandoned, some may have separation issues and will need help to feel secure.

It may take two weeks or it may take six months, but these issues can all be overcome with a little love and patience (and we're always here to help in any way we can). You will then have your perfect dog, and a true Best Friend Forever.

If you wish to sponsor Fluffy (who is stuffed), your donation will help the real dogs in our care, and is tax deductible. (Donate) Thank you for your support!


DAISY (Adopt) Fostered in Las Vegas
* better photos coming soon *

Daisy is about 2 years old and weighs 9 lbs. This beautiful little bichon girl had a rough start in life. She was owned by someone who kept her outside with the other dogs, neglected her most of the time, and when she did interact with Daisy, she treated her roughly. Fortunately for Daisy, a good Samaritan neighbor persuaded Daisy's callous owner to surrender her to rescue just as she was about to dump her at the shelter.

Daisy is a total love bug and bonds quickly with any human who treats her kindly. Because of her past abuse, she is sometimes hesitant at first around people she doesn't know, and if they reach for her too quickly she will snap a warning (a snap is not an attempted bite, as some people think; it's just a warning that she needs some space). As far as we know, Daisy has never bitten anyone. Fortunately, it usually only takes a few minutes for Daisy to decide you're okay (treats speed up this process!) and then she is your new best friend and shadow, and you can pet her and pick her up easily without any problem.

Daisy gets along with other dogs (LOVES the big dogs), and she does fine with cats as long as they don't run (then it becomes a game of chase). She also likes gentle kids after she gets to know them. Daisy will devour any food available -- she will eat hers, and then try to eat everyone else's. It's likely that she had to compete for food in her previous home. We are working with her to teach her that food is no longer scarce and she no longer needs to steal.

Daisy loves to snuggle on your lap, and if she can sleep on the big bed with you she is just in heaven! She rides nicely in the car, and loves to go for walks and explore everything. It's a whole new life for Daisy, and she's got lots of love to give to her special someone.