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Adorable Adoptables

FLUFFY (Adopt)

For those of you who want the perfect dog, Fluffy is your girl! She is perfectly house-trained, she doesn't jump, cry, or scratch at the door. She won't chew up your slippers, she's not a barker or a digger, and she has impeccable manners. She likes to sleep with you (but is also content in her crate), and she will ride quietly in the car for hours. She doesn't eat much (she's already stuffed!), she loves to cuddle, and she gets along great with everyone!

But for those of you who want a REAL dog, one that will be your loyal companion and lifelong protector, one that will love you unconditionally until its last breath, we have some wonderful dogs who would love to meet you!

The simple truth is -- no dog is instantly perfect. If you want a dog that will never bark, jump, dig, chew, has perfect manners, and is 100% house-trained on day one, then please adopt Fluffy (or one like her).

A rescued dog can bring a lifetime of love and devotion, but in the beginning some may require a little extra effort on your part. Some of these dogs have been abandoned, abused, starved, hit by cars, or simply neglected by the humans they once trusted. Their worlds have been turned upside down beyond their ability to understand, and most will require some time to adjust. Some may need a refresher course in house-training. And, after being abandoned, some may have separation issues and will need help to feel secure.

It may take two weeks or it may take six months, but these issues can all be overcome with a little love and patience (and we're always here to help in any way we can). You will then have your perfect dog, and a true Best Friend Forever.

If you wish to sponsor Fluffy (who is stuffed), your donation will help the real dogs in our care, and is tax deductible. (Donate) Thank you for your support!


CHARLIE (Adopt) Fostered in Clovis
Eligible for Senior Discount

Charlie is an adorable 10-yr-old Maltese/ShihTzu mix.

Dogs lose their homes for many different reasons... most of which have nothing to do with the dog: death of a guardian, not enough time for the dog, change in work schedule, new baby, need to move to a place where dogs are not allowed, kids going off to college, change in lifestyle, prospective spouse does not like dogs, or the novelty has worn off and they just no longer want the responsibility of taking care of a dog. All of these reasons are taken from real case histories, but whatever the reason given, the bottom line is the same: an innocent dog has been abandoned by the humans he once trusted and he doesn't understand why. In an instant, his world has been turned upside down.

Charlie is being surrendered by his owners because they are moving and, unfortunately, cannot take him. He is very healthy, current on vaccines, and has had a recent dental cleaning. He's a bit overweight right now at 18 lbs (due to being free-fed), but that's easy to fix -- just feed a low-cal meal twice a day and take a daily walks and he will be in great shape in no time! Charlie is very friendly and a great companion.

With Charlie you really have the best of both worlds. Charlie is healthy and young-at-heart. He's past everything you dislike about puppyhood, and he has plenty of energy without being hyper. He loves to go for walks, gets along great with everyone (including kids), and rides well in the car.

Small dogs such as Charlie can live up to 20+ years, so you still have the opportunity to give him the best years of his life!
Charlie's adoption fee is $125.


SOLANGE (Adopt) Adoption Pending

Solange is about 2 years old. She is a poodle/bichon mix with very curly beige hair. She weighs 7 pounds 6 ounces, is very healthy, loves people and kids, doesn't bark too much but she does want to be with her human as much as is humanly possible. A stay-at-home person would be perfect for her personality. She loves laps.

She came to us from the shelter pregnant so we have had her awhile to allow for the birth of her puppies and time for them to grow and learn from her. The puppies have recently been adopted so it's time to start looking for her forever home. 

Solange is very sweet, loving and gentle, and she was a good mom to her pups. She does not recognize her name as we call her 'momma dog.' She is submissive to other dogs and would likely integrate well with an existing small dog, but she would really prefer to be your only dog. She doesn't seem to have any interest in cats other than curiosity which is good. She is quick on her feet and will run through the door but she doesn't go anywhere as she wants to be in your arms. Her light weight makes her easy to carry and she obviously likes this very much.


MADIE (Adopt) Fostered in Porterville

Madie is a 4-yr-old female yorkie/silky mix who weighs 7 lbs. Madie came to us from a very loving home. She lived with her senior female owner and her birth mother for 4 years until her owner moved to a retirement home where she could only have one dog. 

Madie is housetrained -- she knows how to use a doggie door or pee pads as she and the other dog were previously left alone all day while her human was at work. She is currently living with a stay-at-home foster parent. She loves being with someone all the time, and she's very clingy. Madie gets along with everyone, but she prefers women; she doesn't do too well with men at first -- she has to warm-up to them and then she's fine. She sleeps in her kennel at night, but I'm sure she would prefer to sleep on the big bed with you! She gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home. She's very good with older, gentle children; she's afraid of the younger ones, but she's not aggressive to any of them. She's not used to a lot of come-and-go traffic, and her foster home is a little hectic, so she has a tendency to bark -- but as long as she can sit down beside you and feel safe, the barking stops. 

Madie would be an absolutely wonderful dog for someone who is home most of the time and could take her for walks, and she loves to ride in the car. Sweet Madie is small enough to be your purse puppy and would love to go everywhere with you! She's very loving and very sweet, so if you're looking for an adorable and loyal companion she's the girl for you!